Knowing When to Choose Car All-Weather Floor Mats vs. Carpet

Your friends at Mike Willis Ford wanted to help make the buying decision of car all-weather floor mats or carpeting easier for you.

Choose the all-weather floor mats when you are constantly trying to keep the flooring in the vehicle clean. When you work at a job where you track mud into the vehicle or live in a region where snow and rain make it hard to keep the vehicle clean, these mats simply need a quick hose down to look new again.

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Understanding Modern Brake Pads

Braking systems rely on dozens of different components, and that includes the brake pads themselves. In addition to keeping your passengers safe, brake pads also prevent the calipers and rotors from becoming damaged. Here is a quick look at how modern brake pads work and why they are a vital safety feature.

When you press down on the brake pedal, the caliper pistons clamp down on the rotors. 

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Car Alignment 101

Does your car need an alignment? You may feel like your car’s tires are out of whack or moving in different directions. In some cases, your steering wheel will vibrate or pull to a certain direction. Drivers often check this by briefly lifting their hands from the steering wheel to see if their car immediately pulls to the left and right.

When a car is out of alignment, it causes problems for your vehicle suspension. For example, your suspension may become worn or your car’s tires may lose tread on one side, making them unbalanced. 

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Do You Wax Your Car in Sulphur?

Have you ever wondered what car wax is, and why people bother to wax their cars? Car wax is a mix of wax and petroleum products. It is soft enough to rub onto the body of the car. The car wax mixture has hydrophobic properties, which means that it resists or repels water. This means that splashes from puddles or rain do not damage your car's surface.

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What is an Infotainment System?

The industry calls it in-vehicle infotainment systems, and they have become more popular since 2015 when backup cameras were required by law in all new vehicles. Now infotainment systems can hook into your smartphone and integrate with all of your apps, so that you can play music, access navigation, and control your vehicle with voice-enabled actions.

Infotainment systems typically combine audio/visual interfaces, keypads, touchscreens, and app integrations. 

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See the All New Ford Fusion Energi at Mike Willis Ford

The Ford Fusion line of cars is well known to most Americans. These vehicles are utilitarian and used for everything from police cars to sales fleet cars. The Fusion replaced the previous generation unibody Fords and the company typically molds the platform to fit whatever usage it sees fit. This is likely how the hybrid Ford Fusion Energi came to be. 

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Technology Features on the Ford Taurus that Will Make You the Envy of Others

Are you feeling left out when all of your friends and family tell you about all of the technology features on their newer vehicles? Then you should take a look at the 2018 Ford Taurus. It's a popular full-size sedan that will make you the envy of the block.

Safety is important to a lot of people, and with the Adaptive Cruise Control feature, the Taurus will know when you are getting too close to the vehicle ahead of you while you have the cruise control on. 

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New Ford Explorer and Impressive Capability Features

There are plenty of reasons to back up the Ford Explorer being a popular SUV again this year. Here are a couple capability features that prove this point.

Regardless if you are deep in the woods with both hands full of gear or carrying all the equipment for the soccer team, the Ford Explorer comes with the hands-free and foot-activated liftgate, making it a breeze to get everything quickly in your ride. 

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Three Tips to Prevent a Tire Blowout

A tire can blowout for many reasons. There are a few things you can do to help prevent a blowout.

  • Check the tire pressure monthly. Remember to check the spare at the same time. Make sure your tires are at the recommended PSI. If the pressure is low, the tire may be leaking. A leaking tire can unexpectedly blowout.
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DIY Headlight Cleaning Methods

Don’t forget about your vehicle’s headlights when it comes time for routine maintenance. They are at the forefront of your vehicle and are subjected to road debris and weather. The dirt builds up with time and affects your ability to see. There are a couple of techniques you can try yourself to keep them clean.

If your vehicle has plastic lenses, you can try scrubbing them with a toothpaste solution. Just put some toothpaste on a warm damp cloth and scrub both headlights. You may need to repeat if they’re particularly grubby. 

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